We use a combination of four premium all-natural oils that soften your skin and beard, are great for facial health, and provide a full bodied scent, making Vagabond one of the best beard oils out there.


Vagabond uses jojoba and grape seed oils as carriers.  Carrier oils have essential functional properties and little scent.  Grape seed oil is known for its powerful moisturizing and regenerative qualities, while jojoba is similar to the natural oils produced by the skin which not only makes Vagabond easy to wear, as it mixes into the beard and skin with ease, but also makes your skin much healthier.

The original scent of Vagabond Beard Oil comes from a mix of Cedar wood and Bay rum oils. Cedar wood is bold, musky and distinctive, but also relatively light, so it can be worn all year round. Bay rum oil, made from bay leaves in the West Indies, has an understated aroma, with hints of an old school barbershop. The combination is the perfect scent for the modern, old school man.

Vagabond's lighter summer mix, Black Flag, comes from all natural Mahogany and Teakwood oils. Teakwood is the perfect scent for the warmer months, being bold yet elegantly light, while Mahogany keeps the oil full bodied and classy, as any beard should be.