Today's #TBT: Charles Darwin

Today's Throwback Beard Thursday is Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Darwin was the founder of the current theory of evolution, which revolves around the theory of natural selection. His theory states that species evolve and adapt to their surroundings, better suiting them to survive.

In his book On the Origins of Species (1859) Darwin recounted his journey on the HMS Beagle, where he initially developed his theory. Seeing the differences in species of birds across various different islands, Darwin resolved that species' environments were directly responsible for molding their development.

While some breakthroughs are welcomed with open arms, Darwin's theory shocked and uprooted the deeply religious society of the 19th century. Many people saw the theory of evolution as directly opposed to Christianity and commonly accepted social values. This conflict came to head in the US in the Scopes Trial, which argued over whether or not Darwin's theory of education should be taught in US schools.

All in all, Darwin was a legendary man with a legendary beard that completely changed the story of our world.

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